About Digital Orientalia

«Digital Orientalia» is an international scientific periodical of a new generation, covering a wide range of issues of the future development of modern humanities in the field of Oriental studies in its broad sense as a civilizational space, complementing Western way of thinking and naturally ascending to the most ancient cultures and states in the history of mankind.

The journal is an academic information platform open to different points of view, presenting modern opportunities for presentation and free unbiased discussion of original scientific hypotheses, observations, and research results.

The editor-in-chief is Academician Vitaly Naumkin. The editorial board of the journal is represented by well-known international scientists.


Brief information:

Journal is published 4 times per year in an electronic format

Included in Russian Science Citation Index

Languages of publications: Russian, English.

Article length (including abstract and references) 15.000 – 40.000 characters.

All articles published in our journals are instantly made available to all readers world-wide free of charge as part of the open access policy adopted.

Main journal thematic areas:

  • history, source criticism, historiography;

  • archeology, digital archives and repositories;

  • ethnology and anthropology;

  • philosophy and cultural studies;

  • political science and sociology;

  • economy;

  • right;

  • philology and communication studies.

«Digital Orientalia» invites researchers, representatives of various regions, scientific schools and directions to publish.


How to apply?

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Journal thematic areas


Thematic areas


Methodology Humanities

Theory and methods of the Humanities, researches implementing new methods, Auxiliary sciences of history

Instrumenta Studiorum Digitalis

Surveys of digital tools and applications for historian/humanitarian

Conceptual apparatus of the digital age

Examination of terminology and conceptual points of humanitarian knowledge

Digital methods in source studies

Digital methods implementation in historical source studies

Digital spatial studies

Spatial analysis, Historical geography, GIS, Spatial DBs, Digital maps

Digital archeology

Digital tools in archeology

Archives and repositories in the digital age

Analysis and assessment of modern archival practices and document storage technologies

Digital Ethnology and Anthropology

Digital methods implementation in Ethnology and Anthropology

Social modeling

ABMS, mathematical and statistical modeling


Historical SNA

History of the “All-around Orient”

Researches of the History of non-European countries (including Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America, Oceania)

The interaction of the East-West

Researches of the relation between East and West countries

Digital transformation of societies

Problems and experiences of digital transformations

Science over time

History of science, natural science in Humanities

Philosophy and Psychology of Digital Transformation

Philosophical and psychological issues of digital transformations and modern society

Fresh philosophical horizons

New philosophical themes and concepts.

Digital Culture and Urban studies

Changes in cultural life and urban operation

Museums and show activities in the digital age

Discussion of technologies and techniques of exposition and entertainment activities

Evolution of media and content

New forms and sides of content and media

Digital Linguistics and Textology

Digital methods implementation in Linguistics and text analysis

Digital economy

Digital economics experiences

Digital regulation

Law regulation of the new digital applications, tools, robots and AI.

Political and sociological problems of digitalization

Discussion on problems of the international relations, countries internal policies, influences, social conflicts, unemployment.


Reviews of books received by the editorial office

Surveys and annotations

Surveys of recent literature and short annotations

Correspondence with readers

Editorial replies to reader reactions

Scientific life

Reports/announces: conferences, seminars, cultural events…

Influential dates

Anniversary materials


Memoirs, obituary, memorial materials